The Mobile School of Visual Arts

The Mobile School of Visual Arts is an art project started in 2021 and based on the idea of art as the production of knowledge and active participation. In these terms, the project is based on the paradox of participatory teaching, namely attempting to define what we do not yet know.

The school functions as a fluid container for the acquisition of an artistic method.

The first characteristic of the school is its being mobile, there is no fixed location, it is in fact the artist (and therefore the school) who moves depending on where the participants or the institution requesting the course are located.

The second characteristic of the school is its flexible time structure, which varies according to the necessities of the course participants.

The Present Continuous.
Polis University, Tirana, Albania, 2023

Seduti sulla stessa sedia facciamo sogni diversi.
“Ligustica” Academy of Fine Arts, Genova, Italy, 2023

Relations of proximity, the forms of time in the spaces of the city.
“Carrara” Academy of Fine Arts, Bergamo, Italy, 2022