Start-ing with chairs

action + conference
dimensions of the space

I went in any gallery part of the “start” circuit in Milan, followed by a video maker, taking the chair of each gallerist who accepted to participate in my project (they were all warned earlier about the project). I bring each chair walking from the gallery to the Triennale, where the event was held, inviting each gallerist to come to sit on his chair at the opening day.
The movement is a “physical” shift, which is used as a metaphor to talk about the “art system”.
At the opening the gallerists were invited to sit on their own chair. The chairs were arranged in accordance with the grid of the “start” circuit information booklet. In front of them, Roberto Pinto (an art curator), held a conference for them. Pinto started from my artwork using it as a metaphor to talk about the art system in Italy.
The galleries that did not agree to participate in the project were somehow present because in the grid there were the gaps left by the missing chairs with the names of the missing galleries.