Songs for the present tense

Participatory performance
2023 – ongoing

This work starts in 2023 and is an on-going project. Its structure is that of a performance during which a performer tries to put into prosody, following a music specially created for the performance, the verses of a text created with the methodology of the exquisite corpse.

The songs arise from the themes of my artistic research and/or personal fears, or from socio-political situations of the moment in which each song is born and I always write the first verse.

The other contributors are all people with whom I have discussed the theme of the song to which they are invited to contribute. The final form of a sung event comes from reflecting on the meaning of the present, a moment that is inextricably linked to the past and the future but which in itself does not last except in the memory of an event experienced, which extends it for the duration of the event itself.

Documentation of the performance realised for my solo exhibition: at the edge of everything we are, curated by Ajola Xoxa at NAAN Gallery, Tirana.
Performer: Viki Haxhi, Roel Shyle
Music composed by: Donovan McKenzie