Sitting on the same chair we dream different dreams

Participatory installation
Neon-covered steel tube frame, Plexiglas seat, tablet, scrolling LED display
Dimensions 150x150x250

Mankind as well as other living beings feels the physical need to sit, yet historically sitting alone and on seats with backrests or armrests was a symbol of power, a privilege reserved for bishops, magistrates, aristocrats. Ordinary people had no choice but to sit on the floor or on benches and stools.

Today, the chair refers instead to the idea of hospitality, of rest, of sharing space and dialogue with other people. When we sit alone in a chair, however, we often find ourselves fantasizing, making plans, and thinking projected into the future.

Right from the title, the project emphasizes this combination of sitting and thinking about the future, the installation in fact represents a space in which an exchange takes place, a chair is offered in exchange for a dream. Why the dream? Because it is through dreaming that men reflects on the goals and boundaries he has reached and tries to overcome them, all the achievements and discoveries we have made have started from such a thought, a look towards what does not yet exist, towards what we have not yet reached.

During the 3-day festival in which the artwork was installed, everyone had the opportunity to sit inside the installation space and write down their dream. Each dream has been displayed in real-time on a scrolling LED display, which continuously replay all the dreams of the community of people who wanted to share a dream, a glimpse into the future.