Quarto Movimento (performance for a single person)


Borders have become a topic on the International Agenda, the so-called “invasion” of migrants has done nothing but confront, especially Europe, with the principles that it proclaimed as essential to its own existence as a supranational entity.
My work starts from this, using one of the symbols of belonging par excellence, the national anthem, in this case that of the European Union, the fourth movement of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.
The audience is led one at a time into a space where they find themselves in front of a musician, who begins to play the European Anthem following the score related to his instrument. At the end of the execution the person is invited to go out and the next in line enters, finding another musician with another instrument of the orchestra who repeats the performance, playing his own score of the European Anthem for that person.
So each person encounters and hears the performance of only one instrument every time. The idea is to deconstruct the hymn by restoring a feeling of loneliness and lack.