Punto di Rugiada

Environmental installation, semitransparent
paper rolls, wooden cubes, fans, steel hooks and
programmed LED lights

The installation takes its name from a particular thermo-dynamic state that occurs at the sea surface level for which a balance is created between liquid and vapor. A magical moment of balance between two physical states that becomes a metaphor to indicate the journey, a change of life from one place to another, in search of a difficult moment of balance between two “states”, what you were before and what that you would become.

The work aims to offer the viewer an aesthetic experience by taking them on an imaginary journey. The sails are made with semitransparent paper rolls that descend from the ceiling to the ground. Walking through it, the viewer also perceives the semi transparency of the material itself. The sails are moved by fans which are positioned inside wooden cubes. The cubes amplify the sound of the fans recreating the idea of ​​a ferry engine.

The whole installation is immersed in a light that changes over 10 hours, the time it takes the ferry to cross the Adriatic Sea and join the two shores from Bari to Durrës. The light passes through 12 shades of blue from midnight blue to dawn, a metaphor for the ship’s arrival on the other side of the sea.