Looking for a family

(iron square)
dimensions: 250+200+250+200 cm

The work started from the video, realized in collaboration with Filippo Berta, “you can teach an old dog new tricks” during which we exchanged one of our works with the intention of remake it with some limitations on the realization that we gave each other (this dialogue is inspired by the film “The 5 variations” by Lars Von Triers and Jørgen Leth).
The Filippo Berta’s work I chose was “processo e forma”.
The limitations that Berta gave me for the remake of his work were as follows:
To move this work into a family environment.
To force the limits of the square breaking the perfect balance between what’s inside and what’s outside.
I tried to move further Berta ‘s limitations, reflecting on the idea of house as a metaphor of the family and on the red square as architectural limit, that physical space in which originates and develops relations and tensions in the group of people who share those spaces and that is a family.
I prepared an iron red square 250x200cm painted in red, and I installed it into a square in Milano trying to recreate my family composed (with me) of 4 people.
These “found” families were born from my request to people randomly selected, to be part of it for the time of a photograph.