La ragione non dorme e genera mostri

(wood, transparent adhesive tape)
dimensions: 200x80x80cm
Stefano Romano & Eri Çobo & Martina Dierico

The sculpture refers from the title at the moment of the dream, which has always been identified as a problematic and contradictory part of rest. Starting from Goya’s reflections of 1799 on the monsters that populate our heads when sleep (or dream) takes over our conscious thoughts, this bed reflects on the moment when the fear of monsters and darkness force the child to seek shelter under the blankets, or under the bed. To hide is an archaic defense gesture, is the moment when you do not want to see the monsters you’re facing with and you hope that hiding make them disappear. In this particular historical moment it seems that the production of monsters happens in full conscience, so without any possibility of hiding under the bed as the last act of defense, hence the will to make always “uncovered” and visible the person who wanted to use the bed.