Site-specific, participative installation, books
2020 – 2021

The project starts with a reflection on the book as an object. The book is, in my view, a strange object. The moment we read it, it becomes our, however we struggle to physically separate from the object. It is a precious object, keeper of stories of any kind; during the lockdown in the year of the world wide pandemic, books were one of the ways to keep traveling and meeting people.
For the realization of the project “Columns”, I asked all the people I was able to reach – also asking them to spread the word – to donate me one of the books they have home, maybe the book they read during the lockdown.
All the books collected were installed in the gallery creating a physical relation with the space, depicting a collective portrait of all the people who participated in the project.
At the end of the exhibition, all the books will be donated to two institutions, the library of the public jail in Prishtina and an NGO that works with youth.
During the project implementation process, the books change their function 3 times; from the original function of being a book, they become a work of art and finally they return to their function of being books, enriched by a social function.