Stefano Romano & Eri Çobo


The work consists of drawings of tools. These instruments were chosen because actually part of political symbols, but being drawned alone is the audience, in the combination of two or more objects to restore a meaning that in the developing of the drawing is actually hidden, purposely left open.

The political symbols have now become pop icons, losing their original meaning and metaphorical intrinsic value, just the loss of meaning of these symbols is the starting point of the project, which aims to recover the work tools and let the viewer to decide to give them back the evocative power of a political ideology, whatever it is.

The drawing is made by black pen and colored up to erosion of the superficial part of the cardboard in order to obtain a colored surface that stagg also the idea of the two-dimensionality of the sheet face and grasp a certain agony, given by the very use of tool and from all what is inside the idea of ​​work.


(black pen on cardboard)