RAW - Parata d'Eroi

The work starts from a reflection of a certain idea of failure that is part of war. During our research we found a military march of the Italian army written in 1940, very popular abroad, and also played in ceremonies and civic events (such as during the celebrations of the sesquicentennial of the Unification of Italy), Parata d'Eroi (by F.Pellegrino).

The march, a parade for the heroes of the war, has become the focus of our project realized through a performance, made along the staircase inside the "Torre dei caduti" in Bergamo.

The performance is developed through the action of a performer who tries to play a summary of the drum section using as drum the steps of the tower, going down by one (like in an ideal parade) every time the score is complete. Whenever there is an error in the execution of the march, a voice-over (the drum teacher) forces the performer to stop and go back to the first step, where he starts playing again, trying to get off the steps of the "Torre dei caduti". The results is a loop that ideally leads to the impossibility of playing a parade of heroes who never came back from the war and what remains is only failure, as a failure is the attempt to play the parade.