Stefano Romano & Eri Çobo

Live Sound by Guido Affini produced at Doshin Studio

The work is inspired by the idea of the cyclical nature of history and the death of the “ - isms”, the post-modern central point of discussion. By now at least from thirty years, our society is based on this idea and also thanks to mass technology we have tried to spread the idea of an horizontal information and politics. Perhaps without realizing, somewhat naive, that the Internet is a tool of political propaganda too and that can be controlled and directed, as well as any other agency previously used by the governments of “ - isms.”

Today many international thinkers such as geographer David Harvey and philosopher Slavoj Zizek, theorises the need to return to a strong philosophical thought to indicate a “way forward“.

The work starts from these thoughts and attempts, through a symbolic and simple gesture, to reflect on the cyclical nature of history, even (and perhaps especially) in a period that has determined its death.

Each page in the full version of Karl Marx’s Capital was tear from the book and turned into a phoenix origami. The phoenix was chosen as a mythological bird known for the fact of reborn from its own ashes after death, its motto is: Post fata resurgo (After the death I’ll come back to life).

An essential part of the performance is the sound which it’s developed from a reading in German language of the Capital that has been arranged to create an atmosphere suspended in time and space as an ideal bridge between what was and its resurrection.

At the end of the performance the book remains on the base emptied of itself and its content is offered to the public that could take away a phoenix.

(book, paper origami)