Stefano Romano & Eri Çobo

Sound by Guido Affini produced at Doshin Studio

The "pyramid" funeral mausoleum for the Albanian dictator Enver Hoxha, built in 1987 will be demolished, that's what decided the Albanian Parliament only with the votes of majority July 5, 2011. The pyramid is one of the few remaining monuments of socialist architecture in Albania and its removal to replace it (at least on paper) by a modern building that will house the Albanian parliament is a clear sign of the wish to forget, exceed, at all costs their past, without having metabolized it.

The work starts from this point and it develops through an action that was to climb up one side of the pyramid rolling out a white sheet with the word HISTERI (Hysteria), in which only one letter is different from HISTORI (History); During the action unexpectedly some Roma children join us, after having listen the meaning of what we were doing there. From the action was born a video, a series of photographs and a series of drawings. The direction of the video is a collaboration between the collective and a film production studio: "Debatik Center".