Stefano Romano

Poems #1 - #2 - #3 - #4 - #5 Sound by Guido Affini produced at Doshin Studio

Poems #6 Sound by Francesco Crovetto

Poems #7 - #8 Sound by Stefano Romano


The "Poems" series consists of short videos that investigate gestures or minimal situations, "peripheral" to our daily lives and that refer to different places and times. The videos are micro narrations built according to the compositional structure of the Haiku Japanese poems, they are composed of three scenes - like the haiku are composed of three verses - shot in different moments and places, often distant from each other in time, juxtaposes according to visual or conceptual similarities and in which one of the scenes subverts the whole. The videos are associated with Haiku written by the artist in a process of retrospective literary transposition of the images.


2016 - ongoing series