The series of drawings is a visualization of the transformation of everyone's identity, in the moment of the journey. This transformation is in my eyes something anti-heroic that occurs almost unconsciously in our daily life. Precisely for this reason the human figures, a sort of self-portrait, merge and confuse with the objects we use every day, the sink, the sideboard, the table, etc.

The designs are made on the same semitransparent paper used for the sails of the installation, but each design was sewn onto a square of isothermal sheet (the same size as the sheet of paper), the same sheet also becoming an everyday image in the chronicles of aid to migrants. The cloth was used as a background for the drawings to reinforce the idea that this metamorphosis occurs precisely as a result of a migration.

In addition, each drawing is accompanied by a "travel note", small phrases extrapolated from several books that I loved and that have to do, in fact, with the idea of ​​travel and transformation of identity.


UomoLampadario, UomoParabola, UomoTavolo, UomoSedia, UomoAlbero, UomoCredenza, UomoLavandino.


(rapidograph drawings on semi-transparent paper sewn on an isothermal sheet).